Stock in trade sf brunch

Meet stock in trade sf brunch newest additions to our menu! Winter citrus, meet chocolate. Infusing nibs in cream creates a panna cotta that tastes like chocolate but looks like white cream, stock in trade sf brunch when we mix that with blood orange? Our almond-laced, Camino Verde custard-filled bostock gets dressed up with roasted apples just in time stock in trade sf brunch the chilly weather.

We recommend it with a hot chocolate and a warm, cozy sweater. Last but not least, a stock in trade sf brunch, zested zinger. Meet our newest tart: We are just so humbled. Chef Lisa and her team have doubled down in their little commissary kitchen, rolling out impossible numbers of cookies and tarts and brownies and more.

We have a few more classes and book events before we hit the road back to California on December 3 rdso come see us before then! The full list of events is here. Follow us on Instagram for more pics.

Every evening is so unique, creative and different from the next: The dates are December 4th through 15th and most evenings will take place in a beautiful loft space on the second floor of our upcoming chocolate factory on 16th and Alabama, and others at our Valencia cafe. A donation bin will be located inside our cafe for the duration of the event. Stop by to drop off cans and non-perishable food anytime during the holiday series. For tickets and more information, click here.

We still have tickets left for our book launch party on November 14th at The Archery! Hope to see you there! On November 17th, you can also catch us signing books from We look forward to seeing you and sharing our chocolate! Our Sourcing Report is here! We write an annual sourcing report because we believe that transparency is good for everyone. As a craft chocolate maker, we are part of a small but growing set of companies that seeks to shift focus to the bean.

We strive to make chocolate whose origins are distinct, clear, and sustainable, and we hope this report helps to connect our producers and their practices with each other and anyone interested in learning about where chocolate comes from.

That was, like, a really long time ago. This year, we were a little caught up writing this other thingwhich meant the sourcing report took us a little longer than expected this time around. Creamsicle Panna Cotta Winter citrus, meet chocolate.