Options trading in derivatives india edition

Should I be indifferent between the two? Do note the concept of lot size is applicable in options. February 21, at 2: Is the current price shown for the options for a single contract or for a single LOT 75 contracts?

Clearly it does not make sense to buy the land, hence he would walk away from the deal. July 10, at 7: If not, please go through it again to understand the dynamics involved. Thanks for providing such detailed information.

If some one tells buy infy equity since shortage of funds can we buy Call option Infy ? December 21, at December 9, at 4: One doubt remains in me regarding Support and Resistance and Trend Analysis.

September 21, at 6: Hi, Superb Explanation Karthik…Really it is great help full to beginners like me…Thank you very much for making educated us about all these things…. You can trade stock options, there is no issue with that.

March 23, at 6: Ankit, the same is applicable for sellers also. January 20, at 9:

If you leave the option to expiry, that is considered as expressing your interest to exercise the option. August 22, at March 22, at

March 8, at 9: October 16, at So what should Ajay do? December 11, at 6: