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Design patent guide An unregistered design in China is at risk of having no protection, however a design patent provides the holder with exclusive use of that design for a period of 10 years. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of design patents and a further step-by-step guide on how to register and enforce it. You can practically taste them, right? The market for imported foods in China is large and growing.

This guide will take you through the necessary steps in registering your GI. Patentes y Marcas Comerciales en China Antes de registrar una patente o marca comercial en China, no se es titular de tal derecho, lo que opcion secretos comerciales que es esencial solicitar la patente o la marca comercial antes de acceder al mercado chino.

Although, it is also an ideal platform for infringers to sell counterfeit products and commit fraud. What should you do if someone registers your domain name or a similar one in China 'cybersquatting'? How should you react if you receive a 'slamming' letter from a Chinese domain name provider claiming they opcion secretos comerciales received a registration request from another company to register your domain name with several Asian domain name extensions?

Click here to download this newly updated guide and find out more. This guide outlines some key contract provisions that you need to include in your agreements, important clauses that must not be used in China because they could be in contravention of the Chinese laws thus rendering the contract voidhow to protect confidential information through contracts, and protecting the ownership of new IP created in China. It contains a sample Non-Disclosure Agreement. Download the full guide to learn more.

Sistemas opcion secretos comerciales Propiedad Intelectual: By extension, OEM Original Equipment Opcion secretos comerciales also designates the agreement whereby one company commissions another to manufacture products according to certain specifications and to affix a trade mark opcion secretos comerciales such products; the said products are delivered to the commissioner who sells them in the market under his own name.

The letters "OEM" therefore designate both the manufacturer and the act of commissioning the manufacture of a opcion secretos comerciales product to a third party. Along with the usual issues of brand infringement, unauthorised use of trademarks and counterfeiting of copyrighted promotional material, manufacturers also have to consider the infringement of their patents, whether this be an entire machine or individual parts or opcion secretos comerciales.

Counterfeiting of components and whole pieces of machinery opcion secretos comerciales been a common complaint of companies operating in this sector in China, and is made possible due to the presence of a opcion secretos comerciales, experienced work force and the use of reverse engineering. This guide addresses these IP issues and provides EU SMEs with advice on how to avoid, identify or enforce rights against potential infringement. Such industry-specific issues include software protection by patents and standard essential patents.

However, as well as providing business opportunities, trade fairs also pose risks for exhibitors by exposing new products, technology, designs and brands to those who would copy the efforts of others for their own financial gain. This step-by-step provides opcion secretos comerciales with practical advice on how to collect evidence of IP infringements at trade fairs in China. As well as the challenge of reaching out to a new business community, how can you have confidence in the honesty of your potential partners?

How can you check that the company really has the scope and capabilities claimed? If you find out that your intellectual property in Opcion secretos comerciales has been infringed how can you start to research the infringer? This How-to guide will give you practical guidance on these issues. How to Establish an EU-China Joint Research Structure This brochure presents the main practical steps to set up a Joint Research Structure within the Chinese legal framework, highlighting key issues to pay attention to before establishing such a structure.

How to Remove Counterfeit Goods from E-Commerce Sites in China The internet has become a popular and easy channel for product distribution around the world. It has created a marketplace of more than a billion users in China. Apart from being a forum for legitimate vendors and original products, the internet is also used by illegal and unscrupulous businesses as a platform for the distribution of counterfeit goods.

This guide provides you with information national energy and trade the regulations governing e-commerce and a practical introduction on how to have infringing products removed from two popular Chinese e-commerce sites: The most common type of intellectual property opcion secretos comerciales IPR is a trade mark.

A trade mark is essential to all kinds of companies, whether you are a producer, distributor or service provider, as it allows clients to distinguish you from your competitors opcion secretos comerciales builds the image and reputation of your brand.

Before you apply to register your trade mark in China you should check that it is available and has not been previously registered by another company, or is too similar to any other registered trade mark. This step will prevent you spending resources on an application which will be rejected and could delay your business operations in China. This guide is designed to Help you understand how to conduct a trade mark search on your own.

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