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Would you like to make this site your homepage? It's fast and easy Yes, Please make this my home page! Don't show this to me again. Information is provided by readers and is shared as a public service. When dialing from out of town, use the following prefixes 05 Chaiyi; 07 Kaohsiung; 08 Kenting; 08 Ping Tung and 06 Tainan. Call before making a trek as numbers frequently change. Readers are invited to submit favorites for publication. Thanks for your support! Help Centers Overseas Foreign Workers.

Travel Agents under construction. Just for Kids under construction. Theme nights, holiday parties and Happy Hours are always planned to keep spirits up. Hsin Hsing Blue Fantasy Tel: Belgian Beer Pub Tel: Black Smith Tokyo City Tel: Kiss Banana Shintain Road. Old Belgian Inn Tel: Oxford Music Pub Tel: Speed Ssuwei 4th Road. Take advantage of the fresh fruits and veggies in southern Taiwan.

You'll feel leaner and meaner! Alliance Francaise American Chamber of Commerce. Chien Chin District Tel: Feng Shan City Tel: Badminton Toastmasters meet every Saturday from 7: Horseback Riding Huashin trading options Horse Meadow. Classes at Yin An St. Children must have English language fluency. Being prepared will help you manage situations effectively. Familiarize yourself with local hospitals and their procedures before you NEED to go.

Suggestions are given for appropriate measures Taxi Service or Private Car Summon driver for transport huashin trading options hospital of choice. Hospital Emergency Ambulance Call direct to the hospital of your choice and a vehicle will be dispatched. Mandarin ability may huashin trading options necessary. Mandarin ability is huashin trading options.

You'll be transported huashin trading options nearest facility. Ambulances are not equipped with paramedics. Po-cheng Orthopedic Hospital Boai 2nd Road. Dial 9 Tachung 1st Road. Ray Tseng Kuanghua 1st Rd.

Henry Hwang Chienkuo 1st Rd. Bring a label or product sample for easy ordering. Check expiration dates since some products move slowly. Box Store 9 Chungshanheng St. Lingya Delight Gourmet Tel: Items are sold in huashin trading options making it desirable to shop with a friend. Membership is sometimes required, but in most cases it is provided freely. It's easy to huashin trading options. Give name and address in Mandarin, and show passport or ARC.

Membership and "VIP Service" are common in many businesses around town. Ping Tung Costco Chunghua 5th Road. Brightly colored "beach umbrellas" or elaborate entry ways signal locations. Sometimes, vendors cluster under covered spaces well off the main road making them easy to miss.

Some of the busiest are It hasn't changed much from earlier days when Kaohsiung was just a sleepy fishing village. Flower Market You'll find what you need to spruce up the house, yard or patio at the weekend Flower Market, Labor Park. Curios are for sale nearby. If you'd like to order flowers as a gift for local delivery, check with a flower shop in your neighborhood, a major hotel or stores. Open later in the day The "Pros" recommend that you shop on Wednesday when all vending spaces are occupied.

Bargaining is required and respected! Huashin trading options with a friend to buy produce in bulk. One of the many "people friendly" markets in town. Near the Royal Lees Hotel. Close to the train station. It's "Hit or Miss" here.

Sanmin Culture Huashin trading options Tel: Kaohsiung History Museum Chungcheng 4th Rd. Lingya Mountain Museum Tel: Kushan Science Museum Tel: Service Center 37 Lainan Street. Guided by climate and lifestyle, the Kaohsiung palate is both practical and conservative. Cafeteria or buffet style service is preferred, and simple street side settings are most popular. A sampling of local and international spots follow. Chinese Western 25 Wufu 3rd Rd. SEAFOOD Take a huashin trading options along the main street of Chihchin Island, not far from the ferry pier, and you'll find a number of lively restaurants where the star attraction is seafood!

Language doesn't have to be a problem. Shop keepers will be able to select the Fish of the Day. Sea World Restaurant Tel: Lingya Mongolian Barbeque Tel: Sanmin India Milk Tea Tel: In most cases, meals are self-serve so you control portions. Cost is always reasonable and huashin trading options can fill up with rice, soup and teas at no extra charge. However, if you arrive late, food huashin trading options be picked over.

First Vegetarian Restaurant Tashun 1st Rd. Tsoying Jen Dow Vegetarian Tel: Jacinta Pan, Principal, O. Kushan Kaohsiung American School Mr. Japan School in Kaohsiung Mr.

Tanaka, Principal Hopei Road. Dashe Town Kaohsiung County. Folks on a tight budget opt for camping on the beach. Hostels- in Nanwan cater to surfers. Or check out the Dakota- Inn, tatami floored teepees for rent off the main road and near the beach. Some include a membership fee, which means additional- cost is added to room rates for non-members.

Resorts also provide shuttle service and a host of activities- from parasailing to bike rentals. Caesar Park 6 Kenting Road. Paiwan crafts are available, too, since a number of native peoples live in the area. Avoid purchase of coral and other natural specimens in respect to the environment.

Product Codes; Vendor Codes; London Stock Exchange: IFLO: Single Stock Options: AAM. An out-of-the-money Call option strike price is above the actual stock price.

Has anyone faced with a problem of finding a huashin trading options to get. Historical Daily Prices - Spreadsheet with Closing Prices for Several Indexes.