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September 19, is one day of my life that I will never forget. It is the day when I sold the 50th copy of my first ebook. All I had was 67 people on my email list. There is no physical book. I can bet my life that you are struggling with imposter syndrome as well, and that may have scared you away from writing your book. I had been blogging consistently for more than a year before I started to write the book. The articles I wrote in the beginning were so horrible that I dread looking back at them now.

I noticed my writing got better as I continued to churn out more posts, and my confidence increased along with them. After a while, I started to git book pdf options trading thanks for the content that I had written, and that boosted my confidence level even more. Blogging was a necessary step that I had to go through. I would never have believed that I could write a book if I never blogged, and git book pdf options trading a book would have been inconceivable.

I went through 5 months without any success in blogging when I first started. My first break came about when I published a tutorial post about Susy the older version of the tool, now renamed as Susyone. This post was retweeted by Eric The creator of the tool.

I had the affirmation that someone else had thought that my article was good enough to be shared. That tweet became the anchor for my confidence. I started to write more posts about front-end development after that incident. I tried different topics, but nothing seemed to have an impact as strongly as the article on Susyone. A few months later, a new version of Susy was released. Everything about the tool had changed, git book pdf options trading I took the git book pdf options trading to understand it and created a second tutorial.

People started to comment on that Susy post, and I helped to answer the questions as much as I could. Eric tweeted the article again, and linked to it on git book pdf options trading website. That was the second affirmation I received. I continued to write more about Susy and I started harbouring the thought of creating a book about Susy.

I was deathly afraid of writing a book. I froze at git book pdf options trading possibility of being a fraud and I talked myself out of writing the book unknowingly. That was the whole story git book pdf options trading how the book came about. When I git book pdf options trading this announcement, I had no idea whether it would work. The first step was to verify that people who were already on my email list were at least interested enough about the topic to ask some questions.

My list had 67 people at the time. I have learnt through articles and programs that one sure-fire way to find out if an idea is already validated is to check if anyone is selling it already. Since I was going to write a book about Susy, git book pdf options trading best place would be to check Amazon for any books on it. I was devastated when I found git book pdf options trading no one had written anything on Susy before. It became more of a challenge to confirm that Susy was indeed worth writing about afterwards.

I searched for other tutorials, forums and I even checked the official twitter account to see if anyone was interested. I found that there were over questions on Stack Overflow, a few written tutorials on Susy and one solid video tutorial. This suggested that people were interested to find out about Susy even though not much had been written about it.

In addition to the questions, I saw that the official Susy twitter account SassSusy had over followers. It was a strong signal that this would be a worthy topic.

Furthermore, I received an average of daily visitors to my articles on Susy. It was also because of this, that I reasoned most of the people on my email list likely signed up to know more about Susy. After going through the above steps, I felt quite confident that there was a keen interest in the topic even though no money had exchanged hands.

I mentioned I had the thought of writing a Susy book for the last few months. That thought kept coming back to me. It became stronger over time and it got to a point where I knew I had to write this book.

I would have written it even if only 3 people in the world read it. But at this stage, I was quite confident that I could reach more than 3 people because Susy is just so darn good. Since I was going to write the book regardless, I decided to continue moving forward to find out what information people were looking for. The target audience was web developers, particularly novices who were interested to learn more about Susy.

They could also be individuals who have grown tired of existing frameworks and are looking for an alternate solution. It was likely that the questions people had regarding Susy could be readily found in 3 places. I started to gather questions from these three locations and the questions formed the foundation for the book. Once I got the questions down, it was time to start work on the book. Just one more step before that: I needed to make sure that I was using the correct tools before I started to write.

Markdown allowed me to separate the content from the visual presentation of the book. This allowed me to focus on writing the content and not get distracted by how it should look. I was already familiar with markdown after blogging for so long and it felt unnatural if I were to write in any other format.

The second consideration was that the tool needed to produce good syntax highlighting. The book is full of code and it would be tough for a programmer to read through it without proper highlighting. Thus, this was an important consideration. Finally, I wanted to distribute in all 3 digital formats so people can read the book on their favourite devices. As an aside, I also wanted the possibility of creating a web format straight from my markdown files and be able to update the book with a simple git push.

Thinking back, it might have been because I was too picky about the code highlighting part. Just when I was about to run out of options, I remembered seeing a book that was created with the exact specifications I was looking for. Git book pdf options trading book git book pdf options trading Discover Meteor by Sacha Greifand he was kind enough to share it with me.

The proprietary codebase that Sacha created for Discover Meteor is a static website built with Middleman. The generator can also create a PDF version. That was exactly what I wanted. These are good tools that at least have the capability to export either to ePub or Mobi formats. Once you have one of these formats, you can create other formats with Calibre. Note that you can also convert Microsoft Word or Pages files into all 3 formats as well.

That may be slightly trickier though. You might have noticed that you can use git book pdf options trading tool you want to. I would recommended you to write with something that you are already comfortable with. If I were to draw an analogy, I would say that writing a book is similar to running a full marathon.

You need to go through careful preparation and have the willpower to tough it out. I managed to complete the book eventually, and I am very thankful for some of the tricks I stole from all the experts that came before me.

The first trick is to outline all the content you intend to write. This crucial first step is akin to planning the route for your marathon. Outlining the content helped to organize my thoughts into a coherent structure. Once I know what route I had to take in this marathon, I wasted less time trying to find out which corner to turn, or what to write. It is not possible to finish a marathon in a single sprint.

Just like a marathon, it is not possible to finish a book in a single sitting. You have to keep writing. The truth is, it takes much longer to complete a book than a marathon and we are also exposed to more distractions like Facebook, beer and the bed while writing a book.

No wonder is so difficult to write a book! I chose to write words a day to finish my book within a git book pdf options trading week deadline. If words a day is too extreme for you, feel free to keep a less rigorous schedule. Git book pdf options trading of my good friends is now writing at a rate of words per day on his new book as we speak. The third trick for writing a book is to get someone to keep you accountable for your work.

A marathon can get incredibly difficult to finish if you are the only person running it. It can get lonely and demoralising when you think of the long journey ahead. Writing a book is the same way. It may be an even tougher journey than the git book pdf options trading since you not only have to write, but also, sell your book. I almost gave up writing, and I almost gave up selling. My partner was the one who pulled me back on track.

Editors are like marshals. They stand at choke points to help guide a path for you.