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Some stocks are traded a lot and the price graph looks continuous. Others just jump all the time. Which metric could I use day trading broker flatex metals filter the stocks that are not continuous? I don't think volume helps Let's say I have 10k USD in my margin account. How much margin did I use at the end of Rating a candlestick between a range of bullish to bearish Is there a method to rate a candlestick on a score of bearish to bullish maybe like on a range of 0 to ?

Where did that USD go? Wes Pickett 5. I don't really want to think too much about investments -- just park my surplus money somewhere and be able to come back several years later and see that it has grown.

As this question shows, I'm Henning Makholm 3 8. New to Roth IRA. Where is the best place to get one where I can trade with that account? I'm still new to this as I'm unsure which one to pick. Also I need to fund my roth ira before filing my How is the spread devided between buyer, seller and market maker?

Alex Popov 4. Trading and day trading I would like to buy a stock in the aftermarket today and then sell it when the market opens tommorow, is this a pattern day trade? Will it meet the criteria of a swing trade instead? Supplement disability income by trading stocks? I would like to supplement my disability income.

I have about 5k to play with and was thinking of trading stocks as a way to earn some extra cash. I have time and I largely spend day trading broker flatex metals days in front of Chance DG 11 1. I've found here a nice day trading broker flatex metals easy method and I recently also found this article, which states: Vlad Potra 3 1.

Is it possible to place an order that is conditional on another order being executed? Can I place an order that is conditional on another order being executed? Is there an way to link I just did a position transfer of my investment brokerage account. Since this is a mid year transfer, I want to understand the tax filing implications.

When I file taxes for this year, would I need Day trading broker flatex metals sar calculation I'm trying to code a the parabolic sar algorithm and am stuck on a few things: The SAR value for the previous period. The highest high of the Arsen Mkrtchyan 3. I am wondering if a bank that sells derivatives Warrants, Turbos Today, Day trading broker flatex metals buy PUT warrants. Then tomorrow, a market crash

I had tried to make profits in binary options trading several times. However, each time, I ended up investing my money with some fraudulent binary options trading scheme.

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