Binary strategy performance

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Binary Options Strategy Binary Option Signal Learn various binary options strategy from the binary options signal blog created by a real trader who has been trading profitably since KB5 Binary Strategy Performance Report for Oct It is time for me to update you guys about the performance of my KB5 binary option strategy for the month of Oct and in fact a lot of the readers here are waiting for this report. Last month, I have received quite a lot of emails from new students and below are some to share with you guys Below is the screenshot of my account on the 5th Oct Balance: November 22, at 7: Below are the details of the KB5 trades taken.

Those trade with a N are those that are taken with the updated KB5. Profit and Loss Report. These strategies that I teach in my Binary Option Mastery Course have been making me consistent profits for years and I strongly believe that my students will be able to make consistent profits like me if they use it. You can take a look at my Binary Option Mastery Course and learn the exact binary option strategies that I am using in my trading. I did not manage to do all the trades stated as I have a day job and can only trade 1 to 2 hours every night.

I am a full time housewife and just took your course last month after being recommended by my friend. Glad to hear that you are doing well. The problem with some students after they got success in trading is they tend to innovate and start to trade with their own feeling.

Lose 12th Oct Win 13th Oct Lose 13th Oct Lose 15th Oct Win 15th Oct Lose 16th Oct Win 17th Oct Win 19th Oct Lose 19th Oct Win 20th Oct Lose 20th Oct Win 21th Oct Win 22nd Oct Lose 22nd Oct Win 23rd Oct Win 24th Oct Win 26th Oct Win 28th Oct Lose 28th Oct Win 29th Oct Lose 29th Oct Lose 30th Oct Below are the results of each trade taken 1st Sep Win 1st Sep Win 2nd Sep Win 4th Sep Lose 4th Sep Lose 8th Sep Win 8th Sep Win 9th Sep Lose 9th Sep Win 10th Sep Lose 10th Sep Win 11th Sep At The Money 11th Sep Win 12th Sep Lose 12th Sep Lose 14th Sep Win 14th Sep Win 16th Sep Win 17th Sep Win 19th Sep Win 22nd Sep Lose 22nd Sep Win 24th Sep Lose 24th Sep Win 25th Sep Lose 25th Sep Lose 26th Sep Win 26th Sep Win 28th Sep Win 29th Sep Lose 29th Sep Lose 30th Sep Win 30th Sep Win 1st August Win 4th August Win 5th August Lose 5th August Win 6th August Win 7th August Win 11th August Win 12th August Lose 12th August