Binary option strategies straddle strangle 25 deposit how to!

Binary Options, as with many forms of trading, has many unique words and phrases that may not be familiar to investors new to this form of investment.

Here we have tried to collate as binary option strategies straddle strangle 25 deposit how to! of those binary option terms as possible, and listed them in our glossary alphabetically.

Binary option strategies straddle strangle 25 deposit how to! you are looking for a particular term and it is not covered, please let us know via our contact us page and we will gladly look to add it.

An option contract that may be exercised at any time between the date of purchase and the expiration date. The simultaneous purchase and sale of financial instruments in order to benefit from price discrepancies. An option strategy that makes its maximum profit when the underlying stock declines and has its maximum risk if the stock rises in price.

A figure that indicates binary option strategies straddle strangle 25 deposit how to! historical propensity of a stock price to move with the stock market as a whole.

The difference between the prevailing bid and ask price. Options that either pay you a fixed return when it ends up in the money by expiration or nothing at all. Read more about Binary Options.

Option which gives the holder the right to buy the underlying security at a specified price for a certain, fixed period of time. Traders who open and close option positions or multiple option positions all within the same trading day. Call options have positive deltas, while put options have negative deltas.

When positive delta options and negative delta options offset each other to produce a position which neither gains nor decreases in value as the underlying stock moves slightly up or down. A financial instrument whose value is derived in part from the value and characteristics of another financial instrument. Examples of derivatives are options and futures. To invoke the right granted under the terms of a listed options contract.

The holder is the one who exercises. Call holders exercise to buy the underlying security, while put holders exercise to sell the underlying security. The price at which the option holder may buy or sell the underlying security, as defined in the terms of his option contract.

A physical or electronic document that has intrinsic monetary value or transfers value. For example, cash, shares, futures, options and precious metals are financial instruments. This is the amount needed as available trading resources in your account in order to open a position.

A put option that has a strike price higher than the underlying future price, or a call option with a strike price lower than the underlying futures price.

The value of an option if it were to expire immediately with the underlying stock at its current price. The last day on which you can open or close a trade in a particular market. The last trading day is not the same as the expiry date. A technique to multiply gains and losses. Most often used when buying more of an asset with borrowed binary option strategies straddle strangle 25 deposit how to!. The deposit or available credit needed on your trading account in order to keep your positions open.

A call from the credit department for further funds to be deposited in the account to support additional exposure from running losses. A financial derivative instrument that gives the right to purchase call or sell put a fixed amount of stock at a specified price and within a certain time limit.

Also called the option seller, an option seller grants the right to trade a security at a given price in the future. A call option is out of the money if the strike price is greater than the market price of the underlying security. A put gives a trader the right, but not the binary option strategies straddle strangle 25 deposit how to!, to sell the underlying instrument at a fixed price up to a predetermined date.

A sell position opened in the expectation that the market price in that underlying product will fall. An opening or closing order to buy or sell at a worse price to where the market is currently trading. Buying or selling an out-of-the-money put option and call option on the same underlying instrument, with the same expiration.

The stated price per share for which underlying stock may be purchased or sold by the option holder upon exercise of the option contract. Analysis of a financial market by charting its performance, using historical patterns, and focusing on trends.

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