Accounting software for share trading free download

This will allow you to pretty much throw away all of your spreadsheets. Stephen Colman Sharesight Customer. Much better than the spreadsheets it replaced. If you are an investor you need Sharesight. Martin Dowse Sharesight Customer. A lot of stuff is taken care of for me, automatically. Adding dividends, dividend reinvestment plan calculations, tax reports. David McEwen Sharesight Customer. It allows you to understand exactly how your investments are going.

Peter Naude Sharesight Customer. Lose the spreadsheet Keeping track of investments used to be a hassle. Track your dividends Import your trading history, then sit back and watch as corporate actions such as dividends, and stock splits are automatically incorporated. Pricing Your first 10 holdings are free!

Be it working before minutes of the meeting or keeping track of Portfolio or Share Transactions. No more excel sheets! No More Manual Error! I got the demo version, and immediately i purchased iRecord portfolio Management Software.

I am very happy with the iRecord software, as it is helping me manage my portfolio as well as of my clients. We are really happy that you are interested in iRecord.

Please share small details with us so that we can set your demo up. Sign Up for Free Trial. Verify you're a human - Please enter the following code in the box below- About i-Record Managing portfolio or share accounting is a daily exercise. Multi Broker Share Accounting Organize your MultiBroker Share market transactions, accounting with easy one click auto-upload facility for contract notes.